The Forgotten Ones (Book One of the Danaan Trilogy)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Allison has never met her father. All she knows is that her mother became schizophrenic when she came along, so she feels responsible. Then one day her father Liam, shows up on her grandparents' doorstep. This is the beginning of an adventure for Allison that can prove to be very dangerous for everyone that she cares about, including Ethan Magliaro, the man she has always loved. While on her adventure she learns about the addictive Danaan, who can make humans forget everyone they ever knew and can cause a kind of pining which mimics schizophrenia. Allison visits the Danaan for only a day and learns that on earth, three weeks have passed. She learns that her mother can be healed, but only if the evil Aoife is contained.


"The Forgotten Ones" is truly a fun summer read! The primary characters are straightforward, except for Allison. She is very conflicted and gets more so as the novel progresses. It is such refreshing twist to see such a multifaceted character! The plot steadily becomes more convoluted and intriguing as the story continues and new characters are introduced. The name pronunciation guide at the back of the book is a treasure, but would have been much more appreciated at the beginning of the book. The novel ends as a cliffhanger, so be on the lookout for more from this promising writer!


Belinda Wilson