Forged by Greed (Forged, #1)

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Young Adult

Two Seattle 16-year-olds, Jatred and Jasmira, are not your typical star-crossed lovers. They are the Prince and the Princess of the rivaling ancient Shape Shifting Races--the Winter wolves and the Summer leopards. They try to live ordinary lives, but that isn’t in the cards for them, especially when the Races' two commanding Goddesses are involved and one of them wants to tilt the scales of power. When the prize is the Universe’s powers, nothing is off limits, including removing Jatred's memories of Jasmira.  But tipping the balance is never easy, and nature fights back, until all Shifters of both Races are summoned by their respective Goddesses to fight in the name of, or against, the balance. Will Jatred’s and Jasmira’s love survive?

Forged by Greed is a completely new twist on YA Shifter romance. Not only are the characters engaging but the plots move well, and the bad guys in the book are not stereotypical. The story begins with Jatred and Jasmira already together and as the story progresses, the reader discovers how they first started dating and their background. The friends and family, while rival shifters, react in some predictable ways, but change their reactions according to the circumstances as the two Goddesses begin to fight more openly. In addition to the romance and good writing, this book combines dozens of mythos, a cast of characters that makes the reader wish the two were members of one or both races, and a world ending battle that will have the reader eagerly awaiting book two!


Sarah E. Bradley