First Life: The Final Life (Book 4)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Dominique has finally been able to remove the ‘mark of the hunted’ after nine lifetimes and is starting to learn to give herself fully over to Trent. Over to love. But, after learning that their future child will be marked and hunted, they decide to travel back to their first life with the help of their friend, Fleet. It is not smooth sailing for the trio, however, as Trent is immediately treated like an outsider while both Fleet and Dominique lose their current memories and meld into their past selves. With the timeline becoming increasingly complex and twisted, it is imperative the group finish the task in the past and jump back to the present to prevent further damage and heartbreak.

“First Life” is a captivating and engaging supernatural narrative with the capability to force the reader to drown out reality and delve entirely into the story. As the conclusion to a series, this novel hits it out of the park, but as a stand-alone, it falls short. Readers without prior knowledge of the characters or plot arc will likely find it confusing and slightly hard to follow. The point of view changes throughout, but the author does a fantastic job of informing the audience by directly stating who is speaking and shifting the tone of voice to match. One large problem is inconsistency: it is mentioned several times that the protagonist doesn’t remember her past lives, however, she acts like she does. The hike to the climax is exciting, but the final destination seems lacking. Flaws aside, the creativity with which this book is written is downright awesome!

Yannie Sorensen