First Impression (Shadow Maven #1)

Young Adult

From the very first line of First Impression, Creeden expertly grabs the readers attention with the mention of a well-loved literary icon and his famous struggle to find a place where he belongs - outside the walls of a magical castle while surrounded by Muggles and darkness. Similarly, Chira Kelly, left reeling from the death of her father, has endured comparable difficulties. The parallels continue - as the poor girl in a wealthy private school, Chira clings to her sole friend as well as a reputation meant to isolate her from the daily high school hazing. The tale becomes its own and the reader fell deeper under Creedens spell. As the school year drags on, she befriends an unusual loner with an even more unusual pet. As their friendship blossoms, tragedy hits the school, and once again, Chira needs to decide who she can rely on, as well as who she is not willing to lose now that she finally found a niche amongst the uncertainty.

From start to finish, the story moved quickly and creatively! This was an enjoyable adventure with the promise of a developing romance and of secrets yet to unfold about Bens secret abilities. As the first edition of the Shadow Maven series, the reader sadly has to wait through the majority of the tale for snippets of information about what Shadow Mavensare, leaving the reader slightly confused. Hopefully, those questions will be answered in the next edition - to be released in late 2014, but readers will undoubtedly be waiting excitedly to experience more of Chiras tale!  

Amy Willis