Firebloods (Firebloods #1)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Jude Gallagher has been taking care of herself ever since her father died and left her mother broken and Jude without his guidance. Hearing music in her head should be a clear sign that she’s lost it, but when her best friend Kane tells her how he really feels, taking the next step means secrets come out: some of which she’s not ready to face. Furthermore, researching the existence of the Vatra u krvi, a mythical race with ties to the Phoenix, with her friend and lab partner Frankie leads to some secrets Jude didn’t know she had, leaving her torn between Kane and Frankie. Unfortunately, more than her friendships might be on the line. When she starts to hear more than music, she begins to question if what she hears is actually a mental problem or if it might be mythical instead.

A sweet paranormal young-adult romance, “Firebloods” is the first in its series and involves the best of teen romance without the love triangle or insta-love, a new paranormal race, and a teen’s journey of self-discovery.  A clean teen romance, the story avoids some of the usual pitfalls, like cliff hangers, by making this a complete (if must read) in order tale. The plot flows smoothly, the romance builds naturally, the cast of characters is diverse, and the story has some twists to keep it interesting. While some points are predictable, and the tale does rely heavily on certain paranormal YA clichés to drive it, fans of this genre will not want to miss this book and will find themselves eagerly awaiting the next!

Sarah E Bradley