Fire and Ice (Faerie Song Trilogy)

Young Adult

Lorelei is a 17 year old high school girl who lives in Drearycove and works at her grandmother's shop, the Lemon Balm Tea Café.  Quiet and unassuming, Lorelei has a healing touch but prefers to shy away from the spotlight and  remain in the background.    


A newcomer to Drearycove, Adrius captures Lorelei's heart after a visit to the Café. Their friendship has chemistry from the beginning and while taking a walk in the woods together, they fall into the land of Mythlandria in Nevermore.  Adrius is an Elven Knight there where his father is King. Lorelei learns that she is a Halfling, half faerie and half human, and that she is the only one that can help save Mylandria and all who dwell there from the evil Queen.  She’s put to the test immediately and has to overcome many challenges that stem from various beings; elves, faeries, redcaps, dark knights, brownies and the feared Ice Queen. So begins her wild ride in a land of fantasy and mythical creatures! 


Michelle Barrow-Belise has such an exquisite way with words! She paints a very wild and vivid picture throughout the entire story. The creatures and the scenery practically jump off the page as the reader travels on a journey of a girl finding where she came from and who she is. The amount of characters and creatures are abundant at times and the reader may get caught up in trying to keep them all straight. The reader must concentrate to remember the main characters are the focus while all the others are part of setting the scenes. For fantasy lovers, this is a fun, fantastic tale where with everyone can live happily ever after….or can they??


Julie Caicco