Fighting Fate

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Liam Whelan knows he must do anything it takes to protect Laxshmi “Lucky” Kapadia, even if it means stopping the joining and breaking her heart. Unfortunately, Lucky’s empathic abilities are waking and attracting attention from several directions. As Minister Gagliardi schemes to take Lucky away, Liam will have to decide who to trust and what to reveal to protect his “one”. Lucky doesn’t understand why Liam would break things off or what he is keeping from her, but when her mother’s boss offers an explanation she never thought possible, she is left with little choice: stay and watch Liam move on, or take up an offer to leave and learn more. With so few chances to control her future, does Lucky finally have a choice or really no option at all?

A highly engrossing, emotionally charged second book in the “Soulmated” series, “Fighting Fate” picks right up from the previous book and moves forward with a bang. Unlike most YA stories featuring powerful teens fighting power hungry antagonists, this book avoids some of the typical clichés, by having the hero and heroine communicate, involve adults with knowledge, and still pursue a clean but passionate romance. The steady pace, twists in conflict points and antagonists, and character development are spot on. The only drawback is the astounding cliffhanger that will once again leave the reader desperate for answers to the latest round of questions and more Liam and Lucky. This is a must-read YA Paranormal romance!

Sarah E Bradley