Feudlings (Fate on Fire, #1)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  The blue-flame throwing Carules and red-flame throwing Edrens have been at war hunting, fighting, and killing each other for 300 years.  Each side waits for their Prodigy to kill the other and end the war. What happens when the powerful Edren Prodigy and the sheltered Carules Prodigy meet in boarding school, become friends, and find themselves falling in love? Edren sorceress and Prodigy Arianna Delacour has been training, killing enemy Carules, or hunting for her nemesis the Carules Prodigy nearly all of her life.  A fearless, strong, fierce warrior, Ari is a withdrawn, angry loner who avoids. At her sixteenth boarding school things take a turn for the better, or worse, when Arianna starts making real friends and begins to let down her guard for the first time. Charming, gorgeous and popular, Shane Delyle is the most sought-after boy at his boarding school. But that’s not really who he is. Shane is the Carules Prodigy. However, unlike Arianna, he has been kept safely hidden and protected all his life with his cousin and protector at his side, watching others die when all he wants is to get into the battle and end the war. 

Feudlings is an action-packed, captivating, intense read from beginning to end with diverse, appealing, nicely developed and relatable characters. Knight’s deft description and world-building should make this an exciting must-read series for fans of young adult/paranormal romance with independent and strong heroines, magic, intrigue, and a lot of action. 


Lacy Hill