Ferocity (The Ferocity Series)

Kayla Shown-Dean,
Preston B. Dean
Young Adult

DYSTOPIAN:  Abel, Judson, and Rune know no other life than living on the island in solitude with their father. Their mother was once with them, but she passed away years ago. Now father has proclaimed that the island will no longer be able to sustain them and they will need to head to the mainland in order to survive, no matter what horrors may await them there.


Christopher and Feronica are doing their best to escape the mainland, but they have two goals to fulfill before they can leave New Orleans. Christopher is in search of his parents in a world gone berserk and Feronica needs to help her family escape so she can leave with Christopher to whatever fate awaits them.


This is a unique "story within a story" novel. The backdrops to both stories are amazingly described and one can easily imagine the world created by the author as the scenes of rioting and fires fill the foreground of New Orleans. The reader gets caught up in the emotional scenes of both stories as major decisions are made that impact everyone in their worlds. Another edit would make this fascinating story even better, as there are missing words and extra words in sentences. There are also blank pages in between chapters. The story has an extremely abrupt ending, which was disappointing. There are some amazing characters and situations in this distinctive novel and it looks to be a promising series!


Belinda Wilson