Fearless Little Werewolf (Little Werewolf #3)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Giselle is finally settling into her newly adopted family. The regional Alpha has passed away, and this put Giselle in the lead to become Alpha, which throws her into a political nightmare. The other Alphas determine that she isn't worthy of the title due to her background in the human foster-care system.  Instead, they fall back on a barbaric tradition of having interested wolves fight to the death. Giselle is allowed to have a champion on her behalf in these trials, and she chooses her father. He is a shell of the being he once was, but Giselle senses that he is still in there. He is suffering from a magical backlash that happened when Giselle was born, to a wolf father and a witch mother. Giselle uses magic to get her father back but the price is severe.

"Fearless Little Werewolf" is a creative concept that is executed well. The hierarchy of werewolf politics is well developed. The character is passionate about her purpose and trying to find a way to get her father back. The supporting characters help the story to move more smoothly.  The politics are intricately set up with an elaborate weave of concepts; it is quite fascinating what the author has comes up with. However, the book lacks the necessary detail and history in order to allow new readers of the series to make complete sense of the story. It would be necessary to read the first two books in the Little Werewolf series in order to do so. Fans of the series will cheer Giselle on in her quest to become Alpha of her pack.

Jessica Samuelsen