Fate's Fables (Fate's Journey #1)

T. Rae
Young Adult

FANTASY:  Author Fate Floyd discovers a world of fantasy when she is transported to a magical realm where a book of fables comes to life and she must rewrite the endings of eight stories in order to save herself. With the help of Finn, a character she knows better than she knows herself, they embark on an incredible journey fighting evil at every turn. Fearing they will never make it out, she discovers a creative power within while Finn is devoured by the evil that hunts them. Their only hope lies with Fate and her ability to truly believe she can save the universe. 


It is rather difficult to digest all that takes place when the story begins. Fate is a seventeen year old accomplished author but lacks the maturity to make her believable. She and Finn seem much at odds with one another and a lasting connection fails to be made; however the fantasy world is full of interesting characters and details while the plot is intriguing. Author T. Rae Mitchell's great use of fantasy elements, danger and adventure with abundant rich descriptions will keep young adult readers or those who particularly enjoy a fantasy or fairy tale going. 


Margaret Faria