Fate of the Fallen

ISBN Number: 
Young Adult

Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

Eva Dantanian didn’t obtain her position as top agent for the Demonic Management Agency through lineage.  Although being the daughter of a fallen angel doesn’t hurt, her unrivaled skills at annihilating any dark beings who threaten humanity’s existence keep her reputation strongly intact.  When children start turning up dead at an alarming rate, however, Eva finds herself faced with an elusive power that even she isn't sure how to figure out and destroy.

In the frantic search to find the stolen before another child is killed, a plot more deadly than even the angels had considered is unraveled and Eva must align herself  with Rahab, the one man she thought never to see again.  As Eva races to stop the destruction while fighting her growing feelings for Rahab, she soon discovers that saving the world might require the one sacrifice she may not be able to make, killing one who is closest to her.

Refreshingly intelligent writing with surprising depth in a young adult paranormal! Ms. Riddle takes the genre, weaves adult themes into a story while avoiding the “unacceptable” lines, then serves it up for young adults without insulting their comprehension of the harsh realities in life.  While this tale encompasses a variety of other-worldly creatures from angels to vampires, and ghosts to demons, the morals of good and evil, loyalty and honor are all dealt with an admirable amount of finesse.  Although the lack of back-story explanations in both the world building and characters left one confused and frustrated at times, this story still proved  a thoroughly enjoyable escape.

TJ Mackay