The Fall of Brackenbone (Everville #4)

Young Adult

EPIC FANTASY/SCI-FI:  Owen Sage is more than just a college student. He is a member of the Echo Club, a group that watches over the world to see that none of its enemies successfully take over. Owen’s most recent adventure involved finding the Third Pillar of Truth, which changed a lot of people’s lives for the good. It also changed some for the worse. Owen is able to travel between worlds and Everville is one of them. He must protect it from an evil army that is being raised against it. One of Owen’s many quests this time is to find the Fourth Pillar of Truth. Will he find it in time?


The travel between worlds is a fun part of this novel. So are the many different beings, such as the Ubaloo, the giants, and the dragons. What greatly distracted this reader from the novel was the number of words missing from the text, poor grammar, and punctuation errors. This could all be cleared up with another edit of the piece to make it a much better read. This is novel four in the Everville series and is touted as a stand-alone story, but there are so many characters and previous adventures referred to that it makes it difficult to keep things straight in a reader’s mind. Reading this as a series would greatly increase the reading experience. 


A unique novel with remarkable plot twists, "The Fall of Brackenbone" is a Young Adult novel that any fan of science fiction/fantasy will enjoy.


Belinda Wilson