Fae’s Ascent (Clover Book 2)

Young Adult

FANTASY: After a harrowing experience with Alistair, Clover lives safely with her family and friends amongst the Seelie Court. She learns to use her newly found powers and enjoys time with her leprechaun boyfriend, Finn. But the danger is not over yet. When Alistair begins scheming again, the Seelie and Unseelie courts must go to war. And Clover is forced to retreat beneath the waves with her merrow family. Finn discovers unexpected information about his parentage and is forced to make a difficult choice. Betrayals happen left and right, leaving the Seelie court reeling and not knowing who is friend, and who is foe.

Nicole Kilpatrick crafts a spell-binding, fantastical world with her take on the Faerie courts. “Fae’s Ascent” is best read in sequence with the first book of the series. This sequel references many characters and events from the previous book, leaving a new to the series reader feeling a little left behind until they finally learn who’s who. Ms. Kilpatrick created a world of fascinating characters, lush with Irish folklore references. Much of that folklore is sprinkled in without much explanation, meaning those who know it will revel in the fun addition, and those unfamiliar will not catch the significance. The relationships between characters are what really make this book shine. Each character’s voice and dialogue are distinct. The plot is well-paced and Ms. Kilpatrick’s suspense building is incredibly skillful in nature, leaving readers on the edge of their seats as they read. “Fae’s Ascent” cleverly blends excellent worldbuilding with charismatic character work.

Shailyn Rogers