Eyes of Lightning

Keyser Horn
Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Ivy Nimiki is not your typical teenage girl.  She has a special connection to storms, and is able to control the weather at will.  Then there’s her eyes – they look like the eyes of a beautiful bird.  Ivy has an amazing heritage, but her father Jonas has kept it from her intentionally, to protect her.  All that changes when Ivy sneaks out to see her grandfather, whom she has never met and who does not even know she exists!  Ivy gets more than she bargained for, with a lineage as the tribal Storm Bringer, a family curse, and a handsome boy named Gabe Hazelwood.  She decides to stay with her grandfather to explore this new side of herself, and uses her powers with that of her friends to wake her grandfather from a mysterious coma. Here, Ivy finally finds a place where she fits in, and her powers include her rather than brand her as a freak.  Ivy also discovers that her relationship with Gabe is more important than she thinks, as she counts on him for friendship and support, and even... love.

Eyes of Lightening is a fascinating look into the culture of the Effigy Mound Indian tribe, as well as the story of a family’s struggle to come to grips with its heritage in a modern world. 

Victoria Z. Burg