Everville: The First Pillar

Young Adult

PARANORMAL FANTASY:  “Everville: The First Pillar” is about college freshman Owen Sage’s arrival at Easton Falls University, where he will help save another world from the tyranny of an evil species bent on destruction.  Owen was always a typical guy, but he discovers he can travel in his dreams to another world called Everville.  He meets with a person called The Keeper, who insists that he is able to help protect that world and fight against the evil creatures called Them.  Owen travels back and forth between his world and Everville, gaining knowledge and abilities that will help him in the forthcoming confrontation.  Will this unlikely hero tap into his hidden potential and become the hero he’s destined for?

Everville has an interesting idea with alternate worlds and an evil consciousness that infects its victims.  The theme of an ordinary person who has an extraordinary destiny never gets old.  However, the execution was disappointing.  The narrative is serviceable, lacking details to captivate the reader.  Additionally, the changes in scenery are abrupt and confusing, making it difficult for the reader to keep track of what is happening in the story.  The action scenes didn’t have enough dramatic tension.  While Owen is a likable hero, along with his friends, Anika and Dante, the characters aren’t vibrant and distinctive. Similarly, the villains did not feel overtly scary or threatening.  With an intriguing storyline, “Everville” has potential to be a compelling series, with more active writing and attention to detail in the character and world-building.

Danielle Hill