Everville: The City of Worms

Young Adult

PARANORMAL/SCI-FI:  Darkness is trying to destroy Everville and the earthly realm, and The Keeper and the Fron army are relying on college freshman Owen Sage and his friends at Easton Falls to stop them. They bought some time in “The First Pillar” but now Owen must face the second pillar while simultaneously stopping allies of Them from finding a power that will unleash dragons. As new secrets are revealed it will take everything and everyone to continue their journey and save the realms.


A YA fantasy adventure, filled with magical creatures, armies on the move and enemies everywhere. Unfortunately it’s a bit anticlimactic and the characters are somewhat  confusing. Owen and Cleophas have the most definition to them, with clear quirks and goals; however most of Owen’s friends and enemies blur together and the reader finds themselves confused as to who is on what side as they seem to constantly switch. The general term “Them” for the dark forces doesn’t aid this confusion. Further, the build up to a big fight involving armies is abruptly ended without much of a fight at all because of something Owen does. Because the morals of the story are good, and there are plenty of cool creatures like dragons involved, with a little more clarification, this would stand as a very good read for younger fantasy lovers.


Sarah E Bradley