Entranced (Goddess of Fate Book 2)

Tamara Hart
Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Jayne, a senior in high school, is a Goddess of Fate. She hopes that she will have a quiet school year after the previous year’s run in with a serial killer. Unfortunately, her Goddess sister has other plans. Samantha Miller is on a power trip and is amassing an army of soulless people to do her bidding. She wants Jayne to join her in taking over Karta, their other sister Goddess. Will Jayne be able to stop Samantha before she sacrifices more innocent people or will Jayne’s loved ones be caught in Samantha’s trap?


“Entranced” is the second book in The Goddess of Fate series and should be read only after reading Book 1. The story is an interesting mix of mythology and present day teenage drama. Even though the plot is unique, the story is disjointed and does not flow in a cohesive manner. The dialogue has a tendency to make the story drag and is somewhat juvenile, even though the story is considered young adult. The characters, although individual, lack of real depth and readers may find it difficult to relate to any one character. Ms. Hart Heiner has created a story that has mythological facts that readers might assume are accurate but, to some degree, seem unbelievable. Fans of YA mysteries will enjoy “Entranced” but beware — there are cliffhangers ahead! 


Mary-Nancy Smith