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Young Adult

PARANORMAL:   Moving to Long Beach isn’t so bad. Sure, Kate will still have to put up with her narcissistic mother and sister, but now she has the beach, her first year in college, and the view from her room. It overlooks the pool next door and—more importantly—the hunky guy that swims in it. The attraction to Jack is instantaneous and unexpected. Kate isn’t usually drawn to his type, but he seems just as enthralled with her so what does it matter? As time reveals

Jack’s special abilities, Kate takes them in stride—up until the bit about the curse. Kate balks at that, believing her love for Jack can never be shaken, but the surprising arrival of Jack’s twin brother, Sebastian, has her questioning things.

Enigma is a tale of love against the odds. Steamy kisses, devotion, self-discovery, and a couple of hotties make for an entertaining story. While the process of becoming an Enigma is original and believable, the ability to curse is unclear and hard to swallow. Ash beautifully enfolds us in falling in love but some transitions are a bit abrupt. The relationship between Kate and her brother is particularly lovely. Enigma is the first in a series and a fun love story with a few trips that won’t stop the reader from asking for seconds.

Sandy Ponton