The Enchanted Princess

Young Adult

Elodie Kendrick, Princess of Zelnon, has just been betrothed to the Prince of Katriel by her vile stepmother Fiona, the Queen Regent. Determined to rule the kingdom herself as rightful Queen and not marry her stepmother's choice, she seeks help from Paige Innis, a witch and one of the only people she can trust. On the way to Paige's cottage, she encounters a stranger who seems to want to help. Although she is skeptical of his intentions, she allows him to join her on the journey. Her heart is attached to Cale Griffin, a knight whom she suspects of disloyalty and betrayal. When a curse sends her in a dream-like state to the nightmarish Malediction, she must battle for her kingdom, her freedom and her heart — and it could be the end to all she holds dear.

Written in a fairy-tale-like manner, this enchanting story is full of magic and hope. Elodie is a feisty heroine who meets her challenges head on and is as appealing a princess as any that have come before her. Her heart is torn in a classic love triangle, causing the reader to decide which to choose, team Cale or team Daire. The connection between Elodie and Daire is like a small electrical current, and the love between her and Cale lacked a little by comparison. The curse/dream-like sequence drags on somewhat yet the creative and descriptive details are a real treat. Much like a wonderland full of fun, anything is possible here. "The Enchanted Princess" is a good choice for fans of fantasy.

Margaret Faria