Emmie and the Tudor Queen

Young Adult

Emmeline “Emmie” Grace and Nick, who is actually King Nicholas the first, decide to be married and go back to the sixteenth century with the magic of a blue diamond ring. Emmie the twenty-first-century girl is ready for anything, just to be with Nick, her true love. Of course, when Emmie gets to Hampton Court everything and everyone is against her.  Emmie tries her best to get along with the nobility and make friends even with the looming threat of war. While Emmie is there with Nick, strange things keep occurring that should never have happened. Emmie can’t help but think their being there is possibly causing all the catastrophes and changing history. 

What a rollicking and gripping romantic adventure that is a delightful read from beginning to end! The setting is easy to envision, being lavishly described with much detail!  The story is wonderfully crafted with a uniqueness all its own.  Unfortunately, the beginning is a little rocky, and there are many plot holes so the first book might need to be read. The ending also feels very abrupt with no resolution. Despite these flaws, the story is intriguing enough anyway. The characters burst to life with good and bad vices.  Emmie, the angst-filled, lovestruck protagonist faces many problems but manages to endure all with finesse, making her likable even if at times she comes across as whiney and self-centered which gets a bit annoying. Nick is definitely an enigma; a handsome, winsome guy who’s easy to fall for but also has a terrible disposition.  This is an enjoyable fantasy tale readers will instantly love!

Roslynn Ernst