Embers: The Wings of War 1

Karen Ann
Young Adult

“Embers” is a paranormal YA novel set in contemporary rural Smoky Mountains where rumors about strange creatures inhabiting the woods are part of the folklore. The gruesome deaths of a few good ol’ boys stirs up the talk. If the bizarre deaths aren’t enough, a priest approaches the visiting teen, Ember, certain she can help because of her family heritage and ability. She’s suspected she might be different because her parents died in a fiery death that left her untouched. Apparently, her family is some form of mutant guardian angels called Watchers, but someone forgot to tell her - until now.


Back in the mountains, she encounters two mysterious, handsome men. One of the men, Sawyer, draws her like a lodestone. There is a knowing between the two of them. Her duty as a Watcher will test her wits, skills, and her heart.

“Embers” is the start of an action-packed paranormal YA series. Ms. Hopkins draws the reader immediately in with her richly drawn prologue that introduces the lurking evil in a breath-taking manner. Tight tension paired with believable characters makes this novel a true page-turner. The characters are complex and not easily summed up in a few words. The two young lovers, Ember and Sawyer, engage in a deadly dance of temptation and deception testing both their dedication to their causes and devotion to one another. A must read for YA, paranormal, fantasy and suspense fans. Make that a delight for any reader!

Morgan Stamm