Ember of the Planet (Ember's Journey #1)

Young Adult

FANTASY:  Ember’s world changes forever when a mysterious man known as the Pathfinder kills both the Healer and Guardian of Otera. Now, years later, Ember’s life changes again when mysterious cuffs appear on her wrists, marking her as the new Healer/Guardian. The responsibility to save her dying planet is huge, and Ember struggles to deal with it. The Pathfinder kidnaps Ember, who must then go on a quest to find the answers to her destiny. She is joined by Aaron, her protector and guard, and Ember travels across the land getting into various scraps, meeting colorful characters, discovering her own inner strength, and finding love in the most unlikely of companions. 

“Ember of the Planet” gives readers a glimpse into a new world filled with magic, adventure, and romance. While every chapter introduces an exciting twist, intriguing character, or new danger, there is no real explanation of the book’s magic system and the lack of proper world building leaves readers with many questions. With more description of basic parts of the world, which would give it more life and depth, and answering basic questions (such as, why does the planet have to have a human host), readers would have a richer reading experience. Another issue, and one that won’t bother everyone, is that the book contains many grammar mistakes. These affect the flow of the story, and sometimes leaves the reader wondering which character is saying what. However, the book does have redeeming qualities, including a well-developed main character whose struggle to find herself is something many can relate to. 

Hannah Hurdle