Elemental Earth (Book #1)

Young Adult

Trinity Liathain and Adrian O’Faerain are best friends who go to Cobalt High School in Blue Cove, a town inhabited by fae and humans alike. She is a half-Lochrann Pixie and half-Yaksha, whose parents were banished from Maeryn; he is a Dorchaign, a fae of the dark. They both deal with family problems which stem from events on Maeryn. As Trinity comes into her powers, she meets the Faolain sisters and the Soul of the World who charges her with finding the fifth Faolain sister. “A storm on the horizon will tear the weak apart and make the strong stronger still.” 


This story has a wonderful balance between the everyday problems of teenagers and issues that only fae would have to deal with. Vivid description and the fluid conversation between well-developed, engaged and engaging characters easily helps one get lost in the author’s world. However, the reader may feel that this fast-paced, action-filled story has an ending that leaves them hanging. There are surprises though, thankfully, not around every corner; the characters qualities’ are revolting or endearing, depending upon which side of the coin you look.


The strength of this story is in the sum of its parts. The plot is suitably complicated, with many more players than mentioned here. Enhanced by magick, it is the human qualities of the characters, as well as the unexpected, which made this one a page-turner.


 Heather R. Nielsen