Eden’s Echo

Young Adult

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Eden has a “friend” living in her head. That friend is her dead mother, Echo, who was killed by an unknown woman while pregnant with Eden. As she dies, a veterinarian finds her in his field and delivers the baby. The baby is given to Echo’s brother, who believes the child may be in danger — so he starts a rumor that the baby is really his. Things get crowded in Eden’s head when she is a teenager and has her first real boyfriend. Imagine kissing your boyfriend while your mother is hanging out in your head. Another challenge they face is racism, as Eden is bi-racial and her boyfriend Drew is white.

The combination of elements in this book makes it unique and entertaining to read. The author paints a vivid picture of the racism endured by Echo and later by her daughter, Eden. Eden faces other issues too, as she is diagnosed with mental illness due to Echo living in her head. The dual issues of racism and mental illness combine to mold Eden into a complex and interesting character that leaves the reader cheering for her to find happiness.

Three characters are of minor annoyance to the reader. Echo is whiny and selfish, Echo’s brother Daryl starts out as a hard-nosed, extremely strict character, but transforms into an easy, laid-back character. The murderer comes as a complete surprise, which could leave the reader wondering where they came from. By the end of the book, the author has overcome the character annoyances and delivers a romantic suspense that is both gratifying for the reader and the characters alike.

Carly Fulmer