The Earth Painter

Melissa Turner
ISBN Number: 
Young Adult

YOUNG ADULT:   Chesnee, South Carolina is no Charleston and moving back to the scene of her mother’s glory days has Holly struggling to fit in. Red-headed and freckled, Holly has never lived up to her mother’s beauty queen standards. Consequently, when Theo tells Holly she’s beautiful, she can’t bring herself to believe him. And yet, there’s something very different about Theo—especially when she gets to paint with him. Theo is an Earth Painter. He knows beauty when he sees it, and—despite his lack of human emotion—he feels drawn to Holly. In fact, he could swear he knows her from somewhere. He’s thrilled she’s the only human who has ever been able to see him but it seems to breed suspicion and malice among some of his more dangerous colleagues.

The premise of The Earth Painter is unique and a refreshing surprise. Believable conflict and characters carry the story smoothly through dips and turns that compel the reader forward. This first book in a series, beautifully primes the reader for the next installment without frustrating them with a cliff-hanger. Imaginary worlds aren’t always easy for authors to convey to the minds of readers but Lee does a beautiful job painting her work of art. Ses magnifique!


Sandy Ponton