Duke of a Gilded Age

Young Adult

HISTORICAL:  Inheriting a dukedom is the last thing American-born Wesley Parker expects. With no knowledge of how to be an aristocrat he turns to the lovely Belle Oakhurst, daughter of his attorney, to be his teacher and possibly something more. As they travel to England together on a luxurious ocean liner, Wesley must scramble to learn to fit into his new position while Belle struggles to remember the fiancé she left behind and still understand her own heart. It isn’t easy for either of them as crossing the ocean in the 1890s is full of adventure and dangers. Both Wesley and Belle make new friends and discover a few enemies.

An adult retelling of Little Lord Fauntleroy with a romantic twist, lovers of Victorian romance will enjoy Roger’s newest work. Wesley is a determined American trying to make the most of his inheritance and care for a mother who longs for her home in England. Belle lives on the edge of the upper crust Aristocracy. This is not an insta-love story - although attraction certainly reigns from the near beginning, the romance develops well. The danger they face on the ocean is both real and thrilling. Although it lacks any original themes, the steady pace of the romance, the actual danger Wesley faces on his rescue mission and the trouble they get themselves into bring new life to an old tale. Duke of a Gilded Age is worth the read!


Sarah E Bradley