Dragonsown: Surface

Erika Leigh
Young Adult

FANTASY: In the Kingdom of Ryk, brothers Keaton and Kael struggle in their own unique ways with the poor treatment from their father. On top of that, Kael has been struggling with a mysterious illness. Struck alternatingly by severe pain followed by fever, Kael finds himself weak. Soon, however, he runs away from the castle and discovers the truth. Dragons are real, and his fate is intertwined with theirs irrevocably. Under the guidance of his uncle, whom he thought had died years before, Kael must unlearn his old truths and accept the new. Eventually he brings his brother Keaton into the throng, and they must rebel against set in their way dragons and stop their father from his evil plans.

“Dragonsown: Surface” is a bewitching tale of brotherhood, loyalty, and betrayal, sure to keep readers glued to the page. While Ms. Agnew’s story starts off a little on the slow side, it quickly picks up speed to a captivating clip. Each character is very unique and well-developed. The dialogue was also strong, with each character’s unique personality shining through. The world building is also very good, especially in the middle to late part of the book. The world of dragons is particularly well developed and described. It takes a while for history of the realm pertinent to the story to be revealed, and when it is it’s a bit much to take in at once. The ending conflicts are a bit rushed compared to the rest of the book, feeling less developed than the rest of the plot. Ms. Agnew creates a true gem of a story with her fantastic world building and brilliant, charismatic characters.

Shailyn Rogers