The Dragon's Ring

Young Adult

FANTASY:  Princess Isadora is in love with Sir James Trueblood, one of her father’s knights, but as a princess, she can never marry him. However, when the King’s favorite dodo bird dies the only thing that will console him is the addition of a unicorn to his menagerie. With Isadora’s hand in marriage as a reward, Sir James sets off to capture the unicorn, battling a witch and a dragon in the process. What Sir James doesn’t know is that Isadora is following behind him, and more importantly capturing the unicorn might win him the princess but could destroy the magic forest! In the end, he must choose, Isadora or the unicorn?


An adorable children’s fantasy tale, “The Dragon Ring” is the kind of story one will want to read to their kids before bed. A short novella, the romance is a bit abrupt and light, the story and characters lack real depth, and the plot is not new, but the adventure is clean and fun, the balance between the knight winning the princess and the princess’ own actions is enjoyable, and the overall story flows well and leaves no loose ends. “The Dragon Ring” is the kind of story that can work well with or without pictures and can be fun for both boys and girls.


Sarah E. Bradley