The Dragon's Call

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Young Adult

It is Anno Draconis 1-13-0051. Long gone are the days of human superiority and technological advances. Now, after the end of the war between dragons and humans, dragons rule with an iron fist. Humans have curfews and live in fear.
That’s the only world Cecily has ever known. The world of subjugation and warnings of a father maimed by dragons, the man made a widower by the beasts. Then “they” appear.  Dragons.  In her high school,  going to classes and acting…normal.  Cecily tries to stay away from them, but Derek, one of the dragons, can't let her do that.  From the first time he sees her, he can’t help feeling they were meant to be. It’s against everything they’ve ever been raised to believe, but love might very well be written in the stars.
This is a beautifully crafted world of magic and miracles! The books is written through the eyes of Todd Burns, Cecily’s dad, and seeing history through his eyes gives it a welcome extra dimension. The shifting of POVs feels choppy at times, making the book stutter rather than flow and rendering it somewhat confusing.  Also, the insta-love, “I knew when we saw each other, and now I left everything in my life to be with her” theme is too easy a shortcut when it comes to falling in love. Do Derek and Cecily even know each other? Well, no doubt they will, in the anticipated sequel to this highly imaginative tale!
Mimi Smith