The Dragon Within (The Creation Chronicles, Book One)

Young Adult

FANTASY:  The world of Eiddoril is in peril. Once protected by the creators, the elements Earth, Water, Air, and Fire, it has been ravaged by an evil dragon, and after betrayal and defeat 300 years before, the people and land are now dying. The world’s salvation lies in the hands of an orphan girl raised in hiding by the royal family of Gareth. However, when nightmares cause her to question her true purpose, she is forced on a journey of discovery to find answers even her mentor Fitch cannot reveal. War has begun anew, but Karah and her companions must uncover the truth quickly, and Karah must rediscover the dragon within, or all of creation will fall.


“What better way to bring a world together than impending doom?” An excellent fantasy adventure for teens and adults. Lyle has created a fantastic adventure full of dragons, shape shifters, elemental magic, and a cast of characters to rival “Lord of the Rings.” Truths on top of truths are slowly revealed so that the reader is constantly guessing and wanting more. The only down side is the slightly superfluous amount of regret and apologies that are made due to so many characters having betrayed others in the previous war. Despite that, Karah and her love Elric are well matched, and their romance provides a nice sideline, although that is not the focus of the story. Altogether the plot, action, background motivations, secrets and well-written fight scenes make this story a must read!


Sarah E Bradley