Dragon Wars

Young Adult

MIDDLE GRADE:  Danny and his mother are looking for a fresh start in a new town after his father’s death in a hit-and-run auto accident. Unfortunately bullies trouble him in his new school and Danny is left feeling weak and wanting to find a place he belongs. After one particularly bad day, Danny finds a mysterious box hidden in the window seat in his room, a box that takes him to a magical world full of dragons. But when he arrives, the magical world is suffering under the hands of an evil sorceress. Befriending the dragon, Ebby, Danny and his friends must fight to reclaim the magical world and maybe help Danny find happiness again. Together, one boy and six dragons, will defeat evil and wage the Dragon Wars.

This is a fun YA fantasy story reminiscent of the final battle in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. Danny does not grow so much as rediscover himself. The loss of his father has driven him to feeling weak but he is and was fully capable. The true fun in the book is the description of all the fun creatures found in the magical world of Dorcien. Dragons are the prominent characters with their own personalities and voices and young readers will enjoy Danny’s interactions with each of them. Although the book’s main focus in the final battle and lacks real depth, younger readers who like dragons and magical worlds will want to add Dragon Wars to their to-read lists.


Sarah E Bradley