Dragon by Midnight

Young Adult

FANTASY: Attending the prince’s ball should help Cinderella reclaim her mother’s estate. Instead when the clock strikes midnight, she turns into a dragon. Sikandar is a sorcerer from an infamous family of assassins. He arrives at the palace seeking an artifact that could mean his redemption. Saving Cinderella might help them both, but curses are tricky things, and secrets make them deadly - especially when the secrets aren’t your own. Together, they have a chance of untangling both their pasts, but they will have to work quickly before the curse becomes permanent and happily ever after is forever out of reach.

When fans of fairytales want a new twist, they need “Dragon by Midnight”! An excellent blend of sweet romance based on depth, and all the magic of the original tales from sorcerers to genies, princes to kings, and every kind of magic in between. The world is well built with plenty of room for exploration. Additionally, both Cinderella and Sikandar are given full backgrounds with plenty of room to grow. They play off one another well and undergo experiences through the story that successfully build on their strengths. Add in some mystery, some action, some flirtation, some humor, and a lot of magic, and this is the kind of story that can appeal to many ages and readers as it takes the original tale and makes it new while still keeping it clean and fun. By the end of the book, readers will be wishing the sequel was already out! This is definitely a must add to your to-read list kind of book!

Sarah E Bradley