Down The Wormhole

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  All Kitty can be sure of is that she was an orphan and her former tutor liked cats. Now she is being pursued by a sorcerer who wants her to have his child. She is accepted into a girl’s orphanage and finds herself with Medusa as a roommate.  As she tries to find out the truth about herself, she knows that she is in for an exciting, yet potentially crazy journey. 

Ana Franco has a really good idea and concept. However, this book was very difficult to follow and stay with. The author jumps from one scene to others and it becomes very confusing to gauge what is happening. The story is very hard to grasp. What was also disappointing were the constant grammatical and punctuation errors that could have easily been flagged if the book had been edited correctly. All these issues really took away from what could have been a really good concept and book. Had the scenes not been so choppy, the idea could have been executed well and been a very good story. The characters, although interesting, were so caught up in the mistakes it was difficult for character development to occur. Ana Franco has a great idea and potential, this book could have been good with better editing. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick