Dino Rift

Young Adult

Two teenagers are up to some new adventure. Instead of attending a pool party they had been invited to, Kamren (Kam) and Vivienne (Viv) decide that visiting SauraCorps, widely known as a museum for dinosaurs, at night would be much more fun. Shortly after they arrive at the SauraCorps’ gate, luck seems to strike them almost immediately, as a company van makes its way towards the museum. Kam decides to make the van’s driver give them access to the museum. Their new accomplice dons a fake identity and Kam uses that against her to get their wishes fulfilled. It doesn’t take long before he starts to regret why he did it, but it’s too late. What was supposed to be an enjoyable adventure gives them a free ticket to millions of years in the past.

Through “Dino Rift”, the reader gets a refreshing tour to a world that will capture the minds of sci-fi fans, but also those of young adults looking for a clean escape from their technology-driven world. The themes of greed, ecological balance, passion, friendship, loyalty, and adventure back the actions, thoughts, and activities of the unique set of characters in this novel. Even though the first chapter of the book may not project the adventurous and educative nature of the book, one gets a grip on the storyline shortly afterward. The scenic view of the dino-world that the author masterfully creates coupled with the inclusion of illustrations of the different types of dinosaurs in that world makes everything very clear. The time-travel aspect of the book adorns the storyline delightfully.

JM Lareen