Young Adult

INSPIRATIONAL:  Jezebel Smith has never owned anything new, not even her cherished rag doll. Shes never attended school, nor has she been permitted to learn. She has rarely been allowed to go to church, and town is out of the question as her family is convinced she is a devil-child and dangerous to everyone, even her siblings. Discovering an injured hiker in her sanctuary, a hidden cavern, poses several challenges as to how to help the man without being punished or revealing her only safe place to the outside world. But if she doesnt help Daniel, no one can, nor will rescuers ever find him. Doing whats right doesnt always come without uncomfortable consequences.


Ms. West takes an articulate gamble with her work, diverting from her usual romance novels to acquaint her fans with this realistic journey into an autistic world. This story showcases the benefits of unquestioning acceptance and love in the lives of those dealing with disabilities, while also illustrating such understanding against the sharp and often cruel contrast of the uneducated. Readers should be aware that although this novel is not a romance, it embodies the importance of love within the family and even extends it to the circle of understanding friends. This work is an unsettling yet hopeful look into a disabled teens coming of age.


Shaunna Gonzales