Desire in Frost (Crystal Frost #2)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Crystal Frost has just recently learned that she has inherited her mother’s psychic abilities, and just in time to help her mother’s fiancé track down a little girl who has been kidnapped. Yet, as a novice psychic Crystal can’t seem to make sense of the visions of Hope’s abduction she sees in her dreams or understand what the ghosts appearing to her want. As her family travels to Florida for Thanksgiving, Crystal’s visions become stronger, and while she struggles to sort out her abilities, she also has to decide whether or not to trust her soon-to-be-step cousin Robin - not only with her secret but also her budding feelings. Can she rely on her family to track down Hope or will her self-doubt cause them to fail and Hope to be lost forever?


A striking paranormal YA novel of self-discovery and mystery, "Desire in Frost" has Crystal juggling her new talents with the odd mystery of Hopes abduction. Between the mystery and sweet romance, this is a great read for teens. Crystal is very relatable with her doubts and first love, and has a supportive mom who is unusually present for a parent in a YA novel. Robin is a nice guy with his own insecurities and concerns but is more confident in his actions, which makes him a great opposite to Crystal. Although the book lacks any "stand out" factor, this is a good story about realistic characters with some paranormal abilities which makes it fun read for any paranormal YA lover.


Sarah E. Bradley