Young Adult


To eliminate suffering, every person born in the Directorate is assigned a Departure date. This date is intended to optimize the amount of healthy life they can lead before their quality-of-life declines. Evie’s departure date is at the young age of seventeen. Due to her young age, she never made many connections nor was much expected of her. But the morning after her departure date she wakes up…alive. To survive, she must flee, and she discovers a whole world outside the Directorate as well as some dirty truths about it. Her sister Gracelyn is left behind to continue living her life in the Directorate, but when she hears something in Evie’s room the day after her departure, she begins to search for answers.

E.J. Wenstrom has created a gripping dystopian world certain to keep readers riveted. Each character is incredibly well developed, particularly Evie. The pace moves at a comfortable clip throughout, keeping the story flowing, even through alternating POV chapters. Evie and Gracelyn’s voices are distinct and clearly differentiated from each other. While Evie’s strength draws her story to the forefront, Gracelyn’s inner life proves compelling as well. Minor characters are distinct and captivating. Ms. Wenstrom created an overall clear picture of the world of the Directorate, though there are small pieces here and there which could use a little additional fleshing out to fully complete the picture. In this page-turning, thrilling saga, the characters and their interactions with each other provide the perfect ratio of vitality and zest for this YA adventure.

Shailyn Rogers