Deep Green

Young Adult

Leah is on a cruise with her family - it's kind of boring, but she’s making the best of it.  Suddenly, terrorists take over the ship, and she’s in a lifeboat with three other people fleeing the horrific scene.  It’s an odd assortment – Musir, an Arab boy with intense focus and a sad secret; Blue, a college student who’s into the environment and also has something to hide; and Kent, an older man who seems harmless, but is more of a threat to Leah than she knows.  Although the four of them are undecided about what to do next, they must work together if they want to live.  When they find a deserted island, their chances of survival improve.  Leah finds both Musir and Blue attractive, and an odd love triangle develops, with mutual attractions that are never acted upon.  Musir is protective of Leah, while Blue would take things to the next level, if Leah would only give him a chance.  On the sidelines watching is Kent, remembering his years as a young man, but not totally out of the picture just yet...  


“Deep Green” is a harrowing adventure story.  The characters are the centerpiece, each so different yet thrown together in a struggle for survival. There are a few glitches, however. The cruise ship and the terrorists disappear suddenly, with little explanation nor are there any rescue searches, neither of which ring true.  The tale also ends suddenly, leaving readers to wonder if Blue and Kent survive, or if Leah and Musir start a  relationship.  Still the overall story is engrossing and will leave the reader anxiously awaiting Book 2 to follow this tale of adventure and romance on the high seas.


Victoria Z. Burg