Dating the It Guy

Krysten Lindsay
Young Adult

Emme is an average high-school student who gets partnered in class with Brendon Agretti, an incredibly popular and good-looking senator’s son. Despite their differences, they soon begin dating. Emme loves to be with him and they both feel a close connection, but his ex-girlfriend is always hanging around and Brendon doesn’t seem to mind. Combined with what’s going on at home with her family, Emme is struggling to deal with everything on her plate. Can she trust Brendon to be really there for her when she needs him?

 This book will pull readers right back into high school and into the drama of first love. Emme is a well-drawn and deep character who is dealing with a lot of family issues at home — including her grandmother’s stroke and grandfather’s dementia — that affect the entire family. Readers will sympathize with how Emme tries to balance her home life with school and how she often makes emotional decisions that have negative consequences. Teens will especially relate as she tries different ways to cope before finally trusting herself. Brendon is also a character that will have readers rooting for him as he deals with preconceived notions about him and his future, as well as wanting to find his own path in life. The author intertwines a poignant story of family bonds with the blush of first love and the difficulty of figuring out a place in an ever-changing world of expectations. This talented author is one to watch!

 Kate Campbell