Reviews - Young Adult / New Adult

EPIC FANTASY:  Siblings Everson and Jacquinn “Quinn” Gulagas are accepted into elite schools based on their respective natural talents. Crippled, Everson attends Fallbrandt, the school of engineers and magic, while Quinn goes on to the school for warriors.

In the year 2058, there is the Sino-American War. The men have almost been wiped out by the war or through the Sterility Epidemic.  Cavatica, Irene and Sharlotte are sisters traveling through a dangerous area known as Juniper. They are currently trying to get back Pilate and Micaiah who have been kidnapped. However, there is a greater mission on top of it.

Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to meet their favorite popstar idol? In the town of Blue Arbor, seventeen-year-old Cecily Damore gets that chance. Her popstar crush, Andrew Holiday, wants her in his next music video. Cecily’s boyfriend, Zach Reynolds, appears to be okay with it, at first.

Path to Old Talbot

Charity knows what it is like to grow up in a dysfunctional household with a father who is always on the brink of a mental collapse. No longer able to live in worry and fear, Charity and her mother, Isadora, move to a house in Isadora’s old neighborhood. There they discover a portal to the Talbot of the past. As they explore this old world, they make friends and relationships along the way.


INSPIRATIONAL:  Marissa is your typical teenager. She goes to school, has friends, loving parents she doesn’t always get along with (her mom especially), and a crush on her school’s bad boy. Life is going as usual until her parents decide to send her to Lima—a decision that will change Marissa’s life.