Reviews - Young Adult / New Adult

Thistle Inferno
Aaron Michael

Cavatica "Cavvy" Weller is returning from a cattle drive to find she is wanted by the police because her friend Micaiah Hoyt has the chalkdrive. The chalkdrive is a device much like a USB that holds the cure for the Sterility Epidemic. The Sterility Epidemic has resulted in nine out of ten males being sterile.

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Natalie, a teenager in her last year of high school, is smart, capable and preparing for college.

PARANORMAL:  Jayne, a senior in high school, is a Goddess of Fate. She hopes that she will have a quiet school year after the previous year’s run in with a serial killer.

Black Dawn

PARANORMAL:  The world of Kiero is under siege by a mad king and Memphis Carter and Brokk Foster are on the losing end.

PARANORMAL:  Josephine has never felt like she fit in, but when her mother finally succumbs to cancer, both Jo and her sister discover why.