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Atropos is the Fate known as Death.  She has lost the scissors with which she can cut the threads of life and balance the fates of humans all over the world.  An evil entity known as Keres has thrown the human world into chaos and the gods of Olympus are playing games, with humanity and Atropos as the pawns.  Betrayed by her sister and the God of War Ares, Atropos must regain her scissors and s

The Unforgettables
G. L.

Starting over is tough.  It’s even tougher when you move to a new town as a high school senior.  Paul Hiroshima thinks it is the end of his world when he moves to Portland, Maine, until he visits a yard sale and meets Felicia Abelard.  Their love for comic books forges a new bond when the pair learns they are next-door neighbors.  Felica knows all about being the new kid in school, and she’s st

After moving to a new town, Hadley starts dating Nick Jenkins, the boy of her dreams. Nick is crazy about Hadley, but she has the typical teenage girl issues: she isn’t pretty enough, she’s afraid Nick still likes his ex-girlfriend, and she’s also afraid he likes Simone, who has her own TV show and attends their school.

SCI-FI:  Jack Anderson’s life hasn’t exactly been sunshine and rainbows — he’s been plagued by a mysterious disease that makes him unable to live a normal life.

The Amarant

PARANORMAL:  Crimson is a unique teenager with an obsession with a popular vampire novel series featuring old and mysterious vampire Nicholae Albaric.  Only a handful of mortals, inclu