Dancing with Raven

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Tori is preparing to leave school and become a professional ballerina. Hunting mythical creatures only she can see is not on her to do list. But despite her determination, she can’t ignore the growing number of demons appearing in her home of L.A. When they target Tori she must rely on Raven, a transfer student from London and demon hunter with ties to her deceased parents, who has been ordered to protect her. Unsure who to trust and in the throes of a new romance, the two must quickly find allies before the demons manage to open a portal to the underworld, destroying Tori in the process.


A YA paranormal romance, “Dancing with Raven” puts a new spin on demon hunters and Nephilim. Tori is a teen with a dream and strength to go with the flow despite the secrets and surprises she is faced with, while Raven is handsome, strong and caring. Both have flaws but are also rounded characters that a reader would meet in real life. The demon plot is somewhat typical (with the apocalypse coming if Tori is sacrificed), but the inclusion of Shakespeare and other mythological creatures help to flesh out the story. The romance is sweet and builds slowly over the course of the book. The main problem is the cliff hanger ending that will leave the reader frustrated - but only because the next book isn’t out yet!


Sarah E. Bradley