Damned When I Didn’t

Young Adult

Eighteen-year-old Avery Caroline Williams dies and finds herself in a place she has never encountered before. The Queen of the Damned, Lilith, stops her soul from going to hell, but she assigns Avery a mission. Avery finds herself paired with the handsome Cole, who is also ruled by the Queen of the Damned, as her mentor. Battling a gamut of emotions, Avery has to find a way to be peaceful without being utterly disobedient to Lilith. Cole and his friends (Ian, Nick, Luz, Raymond, Wyatt, and Hunter) do everything within their power to help Avery with her plans, especially saying goodbye to her family, even if it means going against the Queen. But just how much disobedience can go unnoticed by Lilith?

All lovers of paranormal novels will appreciate the work Cherie Colyer put into this one. Avery is a character that will draw every ounce of sympathy from the readers’ hearts, yet she goes on to prove that she can handle her world without pity. Though labeled as a demon, Cole turns out to be a surprise whose truth is nicely tucked away in the pages for the reader to discover. It could be hard for some readers to get a grip on the storyline because the first few chapters throw quite a lot of information at them, making the beginning a tad confusing. Overall, however, this novel serves up a unique story that brings many different characters together in a breathtaking read.

JM Lareen