Cursed (Morningstar Academy, Book One)

L. R. W. Lee
Young Adult

FANTASY: Gladriel used to be the top warrior angel. Her task: protect the humans and save them from harm. When she kills a demon, something she shouldn’t have been able to do, she brings on the wrath of the other demons. Rather than letting the Almighty handle the situation, Gladriel takes things into her own hands and gets expelled from Heaven. She is sent to Morningstar Academy, a school for newly fallen angels, and her world is flipped upside down. Now she is like the demons, forced to ruin the lives of the humans she once had to protect. She is determined to not comply with her new orders. Her only hope for a way out is her longtime friend, Kessien, who is trying everything in his power to reverse her sentence—and to do so before it costs her, her soul.

Ms. Lee builds a rich world of angels and demons that readers will become absorbed in instantly! Gladriel is sassy and stubborn which might grate on some readers’ nerves while others will love her! She is a unique character that is refreshing in the YA genre, breaking the mold of the typical heroine. The world building is solid, and a lot of time is taken to make the different locations distinct and believable. There are a few points in the story where it drags from exposition, and the book ends on a cliffhanger. It is a gripping set up for the next installment of the series, and the overall plot will keep readers hooked from start to finish! There are enough differences in the genre to keep it refreshing and fun without straying too far from the usual tropes that readers have come to love.

This is a great book for lovers of young adult fantasy romances!

Chelsea Andersen