Curse of the Blacknoc Witch

Tori V.
Young Adult

FANTASY/PARANORMAL:  Samuel has become a monster thanks to a curse by the Blacknoc Witch. He is trapped in a realm where it is his job to hunt the children who are also cursed before the sun rises and they return to their beds. Layla is one of the cursed children who sees more than a monster in Samuel. Somehow, he is different from the other monsters, and she wants to help him and the other children escape the nightmare they are trapped in. Even the other monsters realize there is something different and special with Samuel.

“Curse of the Blacknoc Witch” is terrifyingly clever and adds a whole new spin to the “boogieman will get you” stories. The author does a great job of building the nighttime realm that traps the children and the monsters. The book is well-written, entertaining, and at times downright creepy. Layla’s character is brave and fearless as she does everything in her power to free herself and transform Samuel back into the human he once was. 

The author uses back story to help the reader understand the nature of the curse and why it was cast. By weaving this past narrative into the current storyline, the reader is able to fully understand why Samuel and Layla were chosen to be cursed, how they arrive in the nighttime realm, and their struggle to be free from the curse. There are a couple of plot twists that move the story along to a conclusion full of hope and love.

Carly Fulmer