Current Impressions (Never Forgotten #2)

Young Adult

Meara Quinn is a changed girl. Leaving everything behind - home, boyfriend, former life - to follow her dad, she embarked on a new adventure of self-discovery and healing. As both she and her father scramble to nurture and strengthen their new bond, Meara dedicates herself to being someone of whom her father and his clan could be proud; however, she quickly discovers being a Selkie comes with its own set of challenges. Mysterious Selkie deaths and a few of her own near-death experiences heighten her father's fears for his daughter and the other Selkies. When a mysterious foe threatens her people, including Evan, Meara and her friends will stop at nothing to end the threat and rescue her boyfriend.  

As a strong yet inexperienced heroine, Meara grapples with identity issues, an absentee parent, and warring emotions for two boys. Being separated from her boyfriend, Evan, yet frequently near her sworn protector, Kieran, led to conflicts of the heart, confusion, and guilt. The character's emotions and inner-monologue helped the reader to immerse in Meara's world both in and out of the sea. This was increasingly helpful since this story began somewhere in the middle of a previously told tale. The author's use of descriptive language helped to fill in some of the gaps, but there were many areas in this novel left unexplained ending in an oddly placed ending. Though not a stand-alone title, this reader was distracted by not knowing all aspects of the story; however, this was still a fun read. 

Amy Willis