Curious Little Werewolf (Little Werewolf #2)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Giselle Richards, now adopted by a werewolf pack in Las Vegas, still has questions about her past. The new witch in town has taken an interest in her and her boyfriend, Damien, has asked that her sisters (Di and Taylor) keep Giselle occupied while his coven takes care of the rogue witch. Giselle is aware that those closest to her are keeping secrets, and she is, by no means, comfortable with the fact. However, she also has information that she is not divulging; information that, if true, would help independent-minded Giselle gain a more stable sense of belonging.


Readers, especially those in their late teens, will easily identify with these main characters who deal with normal teenage issues as well as supernatural concerns. This second book in the series is a natural continuation of the story; however it can be read independently. The reader may find themselves wanting to know more about the characters newly introduced in this story (especially the ex-communicated witch). The author tells readers what happens and then reiterates unnecessarily, but the dialogue (which includes light cursing) is natural and representative of the age group to which the characters belong. The overall pace of the story, that reaches a satisfying resolution and opens the door to a possible third book, cannot be faulted.


“Curious Little Werewolf” is a story of discovery, familial solidarity and strength that will leave readers curious about what happens next (whether they read the first book or not).


Heather R. Nielsen