Crossing the Deep

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Young Adult

INSPIRATIONAL:  Rachel Harker has always had faith in God and when she heads out to a church-sponsored hiking trip, the last thing she expected is to have that faith thoroughly tested as she finds herself injured, lost…and in a company of a boy who wants nothing to do with the Lord.  Asher Jenkins may only be a teenager, but he has seen more evil than any person ever should. He has no belief in a higher power. Why should he? Even if there is such a being as God, he had abandoned him long ago… In fact, he only comes to the hiking trip because of his friend Sid. Now he’s somewhere in the forest alone with a girl who got them lost, prays more than breathes and who he’s oddly drawn to. 

Before picking up this book, a reader should be aware of the VERY strong message of faith and the salvation to be found in here. Rachel, a pious girl, slowly helps Asher believe. However, Rachel often came across as judgmental, not to mention flat-out unreasonable in basic situation (e.g. not telling Asher the extent of her injuries, because she believes God would save them). What is also worth mentioning is the highly doubtful setting: the ease with which they wandered off, despite their strict group leaders, the fact that of three teens none had a cell phone (Rachel did have an e-reader, though), then a string of improbable situations which kept them in the woods. Although the topic of religion among teenagers is refreshing, this novel sadly failed to have a strong, believable plot and likable characters as well.


Mimi Smith